14, Dnieper embankment str., Kyiv
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Learn more about the residential complex RiverStone

Welcome to the new residential complex RiverStone!

The complex is situated in ecologically clean area of the city. When the day draws to a close, I want to relax at home, where there is peace and harmony. Clean air, parks and lakes will cool after a hard day tilt away stuffy city, inhale aroma of the local herbs and flowers and enjoy the birds singing. If you dream of something very much - sooner or later, those dreams translated into reality, as the old legend tells of a river stone:

"Long ago, when this place was inhabited by our ancestors still clearing, it was believed that any wish can be fulfilled, if we find a special form of river rock, split it into ten pieces and put them out of Pointy boat."

We have created a RiverStone - a modern residential complex on the banks of the Dnieper River, which is able to realize your dream of comfort. Ten houses, elegantly stretched along a picturesque bay, rushing into the distance like a ship that will carry away you in peace river breeze, and where you can see the first glimmers of sunshine over the smooth surface of still water, and the majesty of the sunset and the reflection of the sky at night in the depths of the Dnieper.

With love to the future residents RiverStone, we have thought through in great detail the entire infrastructure of the complex, to make your life here as comfortable.

We will do all that, like a stone from the legend, RiverStone fulfill all your dreams and desires!